Begin 2021 with a Clear Intention

December 30 2020
New year, new cycle, new beginnings… With 2021 right around the corner, it is the perfect time t...

What is an intention, and why should I set one?

December 30 2020
We all have goals and dreams and are constantly working on ourselves, but what is the difference between having goals or resolutions and intentions? In this blog post we will look into the question on what is setting an intention exactly, how can we set an intention for ourselves and how it can help us along the way. With this technique you will become a powerful manifestor and you can make your dreams come true!

3 Reasons Why Employee Wellness Is So Important

December 28 2020
Over the last few years employee wellness programs has grown as a concept in the workplace, focusing on helping employees.

Yoga for Stress Relief

July 14 2020
Yoga is commonly known to be great for stress. Everybody knows it, and yet when we’re all stresse...

How to start meditating - For busy people

July 2 2020
Is your day full of duties from 7am till 7pm? Do you have a to-do list full for the next month? Do you have a job, a family and a household to maintain all at once? 
Either of these are the case for you, you might be wondering how those insta yogis seem so peaceful in their alo yoga leggings surrounded by their buddha statues and mala beads. They all seem like they’re getting paid to sit cross legged and meditate all day, don’t they? How do they have time? What’s the secret we, ordinary people don’t know? 

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