Begin 2021 with a Clear Intention

New year, new cycle, new beginnings…

With 2021 right around the corner, it is the perfect time to reflect on 2020 and make a clear intention for 2021. 

How grateful are you for 2020? Have you done a list of the great things that happened? Or maybe a list of things that you wanted to achieve but because of one thing or another did not happen? 

This is the time to reflect on the good and the bad that has shown up in your life this year. 

I believe that our life is like a mandala, we are the ones that are drawing it continuously and it is up to us to make the mandala as unique as we want. 

The clearer you are with yourself, the prettier your mandala will be! That's why it is good to set intentions at the beginning of the year!

As this new year begins, start thinking about where you are, and where you want to be. What do you want to change in your life or want to accomplish?

Before setting intentions, I recommend you to start your purification journey:

1. First things first, knowing where you are, being aware of the here and now is key. It is important to be honest with where you are without judging yourself or being hard with yourself! 

I invite you to brainstorm your now, everything that you love, that you are grateful for,  and also things that are bothering you. Be 100% honest with yourself, this is a sacred space, and you are  here to grow and to become the best version of yourself!

2. Now that you know where you are, it is time to surrender… it is time to let go everything that no longer serves you, any limiting belief, anything that doesn't serve your purpose!

Maybe, you don't know what your purpose is, and that's TOTALLY FINE!!! The way I like to approach it is to feel if something is light or heavy in my body. When you know something feels heavy, it's time to let it go! And let go doesn't mean to give up, it just means realise this heaviness in your body.

For example, I am not a morning person, so if I wake up every day to go to work at 5am I will probably hate it and will live unhappy. Instead, I become aware of that situation and I don't fight with it, I just change my perspective and try to rearrange my schedule or my job so I can wake up later and wake up with a smile!

Sometimes surrendering is easy, but sometimes is not! So, don’t be hard on yourself! Little by little you can start making adjustments in your life and remove everything that doesn't serve you.

REMEMBER… Be patient with yourself

You can do this in a movement meditation class, or maybe writing a letter to yourself or someone! 

3. Start or continue with the spiritual path that you enjoy… Meditation, Yoga, Tai chi, cycling, dancing, whatever you like the most.

By doing this, and committing to have a daily spiritual practice, you become more aware… You will start being more clear and you will connect with the universe, your intuition, and your essence!

Now… It's time to set your intentions! But, be clear with yourself! Connect with intentions that come from your heart!

Intentions are vibrations inside you that sense what you want, and by being in balance with yourself and the universe you will connect with this vibration.

Brainstorm: You can start writing down everything that comes to your mind, when you start reading it and feeling it.. You will start knowing! And again, sense what feels light or heavy in your body.  Think about… 

  1. What serves your purpose?
  2. What brings you happiness?
  3. What fills you?

Now, from what you wrote down you can choose a few mantras to keep in mind everyday. With every action that you take, ask yourself: is this serving my purpose?

Also, I strongly recommend creating a vision board! Collect some images that vibrate with what you want and BE CREATIVE! You can also incorporate some mantras to your vision board and when you are ready put it in a place where you can see it everyday! 

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