How to start meditating - For busy people

Is your day full of duties from 7am till 7pm? Do you have a to-do list full for the next month? Do you have a job, a family and a household to maintain all at once? 
Either of these are the case for you, you might be wondering how those insta yogis seem so peaceful in their alo yoga leggings surrounded by their buddha statues and mala beads. They all seem like they’re getting paid to sit cross legged and meditate all day, don’t they? How do they have time? What’s the secret we, ordinary people don’t know? 
Well, my suggestion is to shift your concept of meditation. What if meditation is not happening only when you shave your head, and sit 14 hours a day in a lotus pose in a cave in the Himalayas? I’m going to be even more ambitious and say what if you don’t even have to sit to meditate?
Ok, too many questions here, but what are the answers we’re all looking for? Meditation can be any activity that makes you get out of your head. Yes. It’s that easy. Something that makes you forget about all the conversations that run in your head all day long. Something that makes you feel like time stops. Meditation can be cleaning your house. Meditation can be walking your dog. Meditation can be hiking, cooking, playing with your cat, watching your baby sleep, driving, doing yoga or exercise. It can be many things! See? To start with, you don’t need to make extra time in your day to meditate, rather find the activity that’s already in your day and make that your meditation. 
When doing this activity in your day, try to observe how you feel during and after. See what was needed for you to feel this way. See if feeling this way for a short while every day changes anything else in other aspects of your life. I suggest that you’ll feel a huge change just by shifting your focus this way.
If you feel like you’re ready to carve out a few minutes of your day to sit still and maybe start and end your day feeling this way, I recommend using guided meditations to start with. There’s so many available online for free it’s impossible that you won’t find one :) Here’s one just to save you the time of googling. It’s 5 minutes and you and I both know that you have 5 minutes, no matter how busy you are :) Guided meditations are great to get into the habit of still meditation. They help you focus and get you in the right mindspace. Of course you can just sit still for 5 minutes by yourself in a quiet corner of the house and listen to your breath as well. How beautiful to start your days this way rather than looking at your phone!


Try these easy ways of getting into the habit of meditation and let us know how it goes! I’d love to know how it’s coming along for you, what are your challenges and happy moments :) Enjoy!

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