What is an intention, and why should I set one?

We all have goals and dreams and are constantly working on ourselves, but what is the difference between having goals or resolutions and intentions? In this blog post we will look into the question on what is setting an intention exactly, how can we set an intention for ourselves and how it can help us along the way. With this technique you will become a powerful manifestor and you can make your dreams come true!

Why should we set intentions in the first place?

Without goals and intentions, our lives become vehicles without drivers. We need goals to live, without them our lives become dull and meaningless. Goals and intentions are like signs and sights along our paths. They give our journey direction, color and purpose.

Intentions keep us committed to our goal and help us to achieve it consciously, enjoying the achievement even more. They make us focused and bring us back to the present moment, helping us to stay positive, on track, determined and grateful: key ingredients for successful manifestation.

Many goals we make are too big to achieve at once and we become frustrated, eventually letting go of our dreams. This is very harmful, as we lose faith in ourselves and our power. Intentions can help us to look out for the small achievements, rather than the final results. We often overlook those fine progresses we make each day.


“The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another.”

― J.M. Barrie


What is setting an intention

While a goal is a specific aim with a desired result, an intention is the progress you will have to go through in order to achieve those results. Goals are very important for us, as they can help us to achieve our dreams, step by step.

Intentions help you to take control over your future and if you record your progress you will realize first-hand how you are the maker of your own happiness. The result will be that you are rewarded by your brain with positive hormones each time you realize how much progress you made. Dopamine will make you feel grateful and powerful.


A powerful manifestor is born. 


“Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome. The law creates the world.”

― Brenna Yovanoff


The power of setting an intention

Intentions support our goals from the inside. If you ever feel stuck and feel like giving up, intentions can give you the positive push you need. Intentions determine how you feel along your path, towards achieving a certain goal. As we all know, it's not about the destination, but the journey! We don’t just live for our goals and the short term happiness, which is connected to the moment of achievement.

We live for the journey, so make the progress pleasant, by setting positive intentions!

 “Intention is more than wishful thinking. It's willful direction.” - Jennifer Williamson

How to set intention

A very powerful technique to achieve higher goals, is to create a monthly routine. Choose a specific time, like the beginning of each month or a specific moon phase. Write down your past achievements and choose a small goal, which you want to achieve in the near future. Once you have your goal, find a positive affirmation, an intention, which will support you in reaching that goal. Then try to figure out on what level this intention should work. Is your intention working on your soul, heart, mind or body level?


After you have your intentions for the set time, you can create a personal ritual to make a commitment to your intention and goal. This can be anything, like a full moon ritual, burying your intentions in fertile soil or whatever you see fit!


Examples of goals and possible intentions are:

  1. Goal: Losing 2kg.

Affirmation on the mind level: I give my body what it needs and eat intuitively.


  1. Goal: Increased income

Affirmation on the heart level: I love myself deeply and accept whatever wants to enrich my life.

Affirmation on the mind level: I am determined and stand in for myself.


  1. Goal: To live more in the present moment.

         Affirmation on the soul level: I am in tune with my feelings and I respect them.


You can use this 6 step plan to start working on your first goals, setting your intentions:


  1. Use a positive affirmation
  2. Find an intention which is part of a bigger goal
  3. Create a small ritual for the intention
  4. Track your progress (journaling can be very powerful here)
  5. Be grateful for even your smallest achievements
  6. Be patient with yourself


“Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention.” -Bryant McGill


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