Redefining Employee Wellness Programs

A virtual employee wellness program your team will actually use and love! Give your employees a flexible solution that's easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to enjoy!

There is no one-size fits all solution for your business or employees.

We offer flexible options and a wide variety of options for your business & employees specific needs.

End To End Wellness Consulting:
We’re With You Every Step of the Way!

Assess Current Health Risks

Surveying your employees is essential. You need to first understand what your employees state of health is currently, so you can develop a program that will address their needs.

Identify Health Risk Factors & Plan for Elimination

This process starts with evaluating the data from the surveys to find out what your employees need. If you see a common trend we can structure your offerings to directly address those concerns.

Plan activities based on results:

In order to track its success, you need to have a goal, which may be reducing absenteeism, or lowering employee stress levels.

Participation and Feedback:

Are employees actually participating in the program? If your employees are not taking advantage of the wellness program we created then it means they are not aligning with it.

Re-evaluate through ongoing communication

This is a continuous process of looking at the results, and finding out how we can make it better.

Our Solution

Yoga Classes:

We offer over 15 styles of yoga ranging from chair yoga, yoga for relaxation and stress relief, power yoga, lunchtime flows, stretching classes and so much more!

Fitness Classes:

Yoga isn’t for everyone and we cater to the fitness junkies! With HIIT Trainings, Pilates, Zumba, and Total Body Bootcamps your employees are going to get into shape and have fun doing so!

Meditation Classes:

Find your zen, quiet your mind, and find inner peace with our meditation classes. Meditation classes focused on stress relief and anxiety can be extremely beneficial for those with more stress at the desk!


Attend a virtual workshop where we discuss different topics such as stress management, benefits of breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, alternative therapies, lifestyle and wellness coaching, and more!

Our Virtual Classes Are Exactly What Your Employees Need!

We give employees flexibility and options on their journey to wellness and health

Over 50 weekly classes around the clock.

Classes specifically designed to help employees with stress management, weight loss, stress release

Employee’s spouses and children are included: We believe that families that are active together are great motivators and supporters of the greater goal.

Boost company morale with group activities to keep the team connected, even though you may be physically apart.

Our classes are fun and engaging! Let’s be real – your wellness program only works if people actually participate in it!

Our Services Are Perfect For

  • Businesses with employees working full time or part time at home


  • Businesses who want to offer their employees flexible options
  • Employees who have varying start/end times and varying lunch breaks.

Choose The Right Offering
For Your Employees

Private Company Class
1-3x Per Week

  • Who says company classes have to stay the same? With I Am Yoga Live you can offer Monday Meditations, Wednesday Workouts, and Friday Yoga Flows! The opportunities are endless with our completely customizable plans.


Class Packs: Employees Take
Classes On Their Own Time

  • Some employees may feel shy exercising in front of their coworkers, give them the option to take classes in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Are you ready to implement the most versatile virtual employee wellness program imaginable?

Let’s schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your business and employees needs.