Amina Zena

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am all about strength training! Whether it’s lifting weights or doing calisthenics I'll be sure to get your muscles fired up!


You can find me on Youtube, Instagram, and on my podcast “Stay Fit Stay Lit”.

I fell in love with training at an early age, after participating in sports all throughout high school I decided to get my first fitness certification in 2009 while in college. A few days after graduating from West Virginia University in 2011 I moved to New York City and began teaching fitness classes and working with clients 1:1. Since then I continue to teach fitness classes all around the world and am currently based in Amsterdam.


My classes will have you moving and feeling better than ever as I guide you on the journey to unleashing your strongest version yet! I place a strong emphasis on mobility and form while training so you’ll always have the most effective and safe workouts.


I believe in the healing powers of movement and can’t wait to share the things I've learned and overcome over the years on my own fitness journey.


In addition to helping people get in the best shape of their lives with my personal training programs I also have a passion for music and can often be found djing at dance parties.

Amina's Classes

Total Body Bootcamp

This class will unleash your inner strength and power! This class is designed to push your limits and create breakthroughs. The focus is on total body high intensity strength training.


In this interval style class you'll be focusing on compound movements like squats, lunges, pushups, planks, and jumping plyometric movements. All movements will be demonstrated with modifications along the way. There’s a strong emphasis on having good form to properly activate the muscles.


Strength training is great for improving posture, building muscle, speeding up your metabolism, and keeping your bones healthy and strong! No equipment needed just show up ready to sweat and have a great time!

Ass and Abs

This is a class focused on glutes and core. This class will help you sculpt and build strength and will be a blend of standing and floor exercises. You’ll be learning how to properly activate your muscles which help take all your training to the next level.


Building glute and core strength is great for posture and relieving lower back pain plus you'll be more confident than ever when it’s time to hit the beach in your swimsuit! You’ll be feeling and seeing the effects for days afterwards!


We’ll be doing lots of squats as well as core movements like Russian twist, leg lifts and floor bridges. The class is low impact and great for all fitness levels, only a mat is needed.


Pilates Fusion

This is a total body strength training class that focuses on lengthening and strengthening the muscles through low impact floor exercises. This class is a fusion between different strength training methods combined with traditional pilates movements like leg raises, leg circles, roll ups and bicycle crunches.

This class is great for improving mobility, flexibility, and building a firmer body. Breathing and core activation are essential parts of the class, brining your focus to the present moment.

A strong core, proper alignment, and deep breathing are the foundation of a strong, fit body. Only a mat is needed for this class.  

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