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With a deep love of functional anatomy, I guide classes with clear instruction on posture alignment to allow the practitioner to create a fundamental understanding of the physical body.


My classes are known to be vinyasa based with dynamic flows through the postures and longer holds to create depth and deeper understanding of the practice.

I enjoy a challenging practice and have a fascination for anatomy and all things movement based. My teaching style stems from the traditions of Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga. My personal mantra is : Motivation / Inspiration / Patience


I have a liking, to say the least, for inversions and arm balancing. Having led workshops, retreats and teacher training courses worldwide, I've developed techniques to guide practitioners of all levels to safely bring these postures into their yoga practice.

Dav's Classes

Diaphragm Efficiency - Unlock your breathing potential

60 minutes

Our main respiratory breathing muscle is the diaphragm. Its circumference surrounds the torso horizontally and divides the lungs from the abdomen. In this sequence we’ll explore ways in using all areas of the the diaphragm whilst moving through yoga postures.

This class is suitable to all level practitioners, giving you time to understand and feel each posture proprioceptively. The exploration of breathing in this sequence awakens your true breathing potential and noticeably has an affect on how you feel.


Surya Namaskar A (Sun Salutation A) - A Breakdown

75 minutes

Sun Salutation A is very common in the modern day vinyasa yoga practice. Dav will guide you through each posture of the salutation, breaking down each pose and spending more than the typical one breath to really experience the salutation.
This practice is suitable to all practitioners. The practitioner will spend a few breaths in the 9 postures of the Sun Salutation A sequence. This class covers the fundamentals of some of the most common yoga poses in the modern day yoga practice, giving the practitioner the foundation to further develop their practice.

One limbed flow

75 minutes

This sequence is aimed to test the practitioners balance, coordination and strength. It’s a moderately paced class with fun transitions. Expect to build up a bit of a sweat as we explore a full 360 degrees of the yoga mat.


This practice requires concentration. It will build strength at your foundations - wrists & ankles - as well as opening up the hips and spine leaving the practitioner feeling stable yet mobile.

Movement from the Intrinsic Core

75 minutes

A core focused practice bringing awareness to our potential movement by harnessing the support and strength of our deep core of the body.


Efficient movement orientates from the intrinsic core. By harnessing the support of our intrinsic core the practitioner will flow freely around the mat feeling strong, stable and light. Expect the class to be challenging and sweaty.

Dav's Private Offerings

Movement Free of Pain

6o minutes

Are you living with bad knees or an aching back? Do you suffer from a text neck? These sessions will correct the client’s breathing and postural habits leaving the practitioner to move pain free in their chosen movement modality and day-to-day life.


I offer a therapy based movement session helping the practitioner to alleviate acute pain by drawing upon the theory of the 5 primary kinetic chains of movement. This method addresses the breath and poor postural habits.




Learn to Handstand

60 minutes

Learn the fundamentals of handstand from the technique to the alignment of handstand. These sessions will teach the practitioner how to handstand and what drills to practice.


These sessions will build strength in the prerequisite areas needed to handstand.

Flexibility, technique, strength and repetition will be addressed through every ‘Learn to Handstand’ session.


Practicing the technique alignment of handstand. Strengthening and stretching drills for Handstand working on 4 main key areas of the body - Wrists / shoulders / core and glutes.

Pick a Pose any Pose

60 minutes

Learning about the potential achievements and limitations of the body on the way to your desired movement goals. Whether it’s unlocking tight hips to achieve splits or strengthening weak shoulder to achieve a desired hand balance posture, the practitioner will learn a lot more about themselves than just achieving their posture goal.


Tailored 1:1 sessions working on the particular area(s) of the body to unlock the practitioners potential to achieve the desired results.

2 yoga blocks and a yoga strap is advisable.


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