Greta Oros

London, UK

I’m Greta, a yoga teacher in London and a devotee to morning Ashtanga-vinyasa discipline and restorative Yin yoga flows.


I love to practice and teach focusing on this Yin-Yang balance I truly believe in and my aim is for my students to feel inspired to create their own daily yoga practice.

Living and teaching in Singapore and Indonesia, I was fortunate to learn and practice a raw form of yoga, one that’s not lustrous nor magazine cover ready - but just real. A yoga that brings you back to the roots and invites you to read the signs of your wise body.


Throughout my journey, so far, I've learned how to face injuries, demotivating times and maybe most importantly yoga taught me to recognize when it's the time to accept and do nothing and when to act to transform. And when life gets stormy the anchor of your practice is always there and accessible. For all of us.

Greta's Classes

Ashtanga Vinyasa Fundamentals

60 minutes

Ashtanga vinyasa fundamentals is a dynamic yoga class which combines a steady breathing technique with a predefined sequence of poses.
All levels, including absolute beginners.
This is a cardio practice that heats you up naturally and builds up the resilience and adaptability of your body. We’ll work together through the physical and mental limitations of each of you, with variations that work for you in each posture. At the end of this session usually students feel grounded and fully alive.

Yin & Yang Yoga

60 minute

Yin-Yang yoga is a session that brings together the benefits of deep stretching slow paced postures (Yin) with an active yoga flow that builds strength and stamina in your body (Yang).
Our body’s needs are not the same every day. Some days we need more force and power whilst in other days we need to restore and rest. Usually stamina-oriented people seek only active workouts and tired/highly stressed people choose mainly restorative practices. But we really need both, the Yin and Yang. The reason why this contrasting practice is so beneficial is mainly because it addresses both side of your being and help you find the sweet Balance.

Yin Yoga For Women

60 minutes

Yin yoga is a meditative practice in which we hold passive asana postures for longer period. The sequence we’ll do in this session is carefully selected to benefit your feminine side.
This practice targets your deep connective tissues, ligaments, joints, and bones and allows the body to release deep tension. During the poses you’ll be guided through a mindfulness meditation so you can bring your awareness on the emotions you’re working with.
This is a deeply restorative and healing practice which helps you relax your nervous system, increase your elasticity and gain emotional resilience.

Stress Reduction Meditation & Breathing

30 minute

In this session we’ll do breathing pranayama exercises which are great tools to expand the strength of your lungs, oxygenate your brain and ground your racing thoughts. And we’ll intertwine these with a mindfulness meditation practice to bring your awareness into the present moment.
This helps you become aware of your stress level, find the cause that triggers it and bring your mind and body in mentally grounded and calm place. So, you can regain your mojo for your day ahead.
You’ll need a chair or a cushion/pillow to support you while we sit in a comfortable sited position.
Open level - no experience required.

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