Kelly Páez

Medellín, Colombia

I connected with Yoga when I was studying in University, and it was an amazing way to find a deeper connection with myself. It was a game changer for me because I was living away from home and Yoga kept me in balance.


My passion for teaching is based on the understanding of the conscious body and the philosophy that supports this lifestyle. Always emphasizing the technique of moving meditation, to inspire students to live in fullness and balance.


I am also a specialist and studies of essential oils, I include them in my practices as a means of access to more deeper states of consciousness.

Kelly's Classes

Yoga For Beginners

1 Hour Vinyasa

This class is for everyone who wants to start or deepen their practice, the idea is that you feel more aware of your body, mind and soul.


Each class will focus on practicing with intention, to achieve a deeper connection with yourself.


We might use some props: Blocks and Straps.


Vinyasa Yoga

1 Hour Vinyasa

This class is for everyone who wants to transition from beginner level to intermediate, or for everyone who wants to explore a deeper connection with their body and soul.


The connection with the movement and the breath is key in this class, in order to experience transformation. We will practice with consciousness and cultivate balance inside and outside the mat

Private Yoga Class

Private 1:1 Yoga Class

We will focus on your personal needs and goals, and make a plan in order for you to evolve in the practice at your own time.


Whether you are an absolute beginner or wanting to improve your practice I will make a plan adapt to you, so the experience is 100% transformative.


We might use some props: Blocks and Straps.

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