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Yoga showed me the way and I took it


When I was a kid I suffered from asthma and chronic bronchitis. Doctors said that my allergies affected my respiratory system to a point where I will always struggle with breathing. Because I knew nothing about breathing I blindly accepted their diagnosis and thought that this is the way it should be for the rest of my life.


I stopped with any form of exercise because I thought I was incapable of doing it. I met yoga in my early twenties and that is when my life started to change. Not only that by the use of pranayama, my breathing problems vanished, but things started to change on other fields as well.

On my physical level the results showed as a:

- good balance and coordination

- using my whole lungs to breath even out of the yoga class

- my core and muscles strengthened

- calm and relaxed state i can step in when ever i want

- possibility to ground myself in stressful and happy situations

- regained confidence and self esteem

- increase in stamina and endurance

- better flexibility and body strength

Pretty much it wasn't an easy experience, since yoga isn't so easy as it looked at the first sight. But i was determined to change my ways and it was definitely worth it!

Kristina's Classes

Nirvana Fitness

50 minutes

Nirvana is a breath work system that uses a powerful combination of breathing techniques, music and functional movements, elegantly woven into a simple and effective choreography.
An effective blend of breathing, pilates and yoga flow to tone up, strengthen and stretch your whole body.
Rhythmical breathing to music with sound cues and theta wave technology puts your mind in a state of flow, or being in the zone - a mental state where we feel truly immersed in our practice.


Yoga for Beginners

60 minutes

Yoga for beginners is a class, especially designed for those who haven't tried any form of yoga yet, but would like to learn it in a simple, fun and easy way.

We'll start with the basics. How to place our hands and feet and the most importantly how to control our breathing while doing a vinyasa or holding up postures for a longer period of time. A Vinyasa is when we implement two or more yoga postures to a movement accompanied by our harmonic breathing.

If you want to learn how to benefit from yoga and create your own practice at home, this is a perfect class for you.

Hatha Flow Vinyasa

60 minutes

In the direct translation, the word Hatha means »effort« or »force«. We will get involved in lots of different yoga poses that will require some effort and force to hold and to move from one position to another
Vinyasa is called when we use different yoga poses one after another and run through them smoothly, connected with our breath all times. It gives us the ability to move and breathe naturally, without pushing ourselves too much.
So this class will involve a lot of moving, changing positions and breathing which will lead us to a state of flow.

Yin Yang Yoga

60 minutes

Yin and yang are two opposite aspects of one whole piece. Yang represents the energy of a man, the sun, power and material aspect of life. Yin represents the energy of women, night, moon, calmness, peace and intuition.
That's why we designed this class, to offer you the opportunity to face yourself with discomfort of two different types of classes and begin to work on your inner self and balance your yin and yang. When we balance both sides, we will experience the bliss of peacefulness, calmness and relaxation.

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