Natalie Patterson

Philladelphia, USA

When you want to build a healthy body you go to a personal trainer. When you want a balanced, healthy eating plan you go to a nutritionist.


And when you want to declutter your mind, reconnect with your body and live a fuller, happier life then you come to me.


Stress management, wellness, balanced living and grounding are my specialities.

My classes are for those who want a yoga practice that is accessible with strong foundational guides upon which you can grow and advance in your own time & space. The goal each and every time is for you to reconnect with your breath, your body and ultimately your authentic self.


With experience in PTSD I can fully understand and appreciate what this disconnect from self can create. And so, here, we will give ourselves permission to feel, to move anything that needs to release and to finally explore the healing nature of this. All in a logical and down-to-earth manner. Because you cannot heal what you cannot feel.

Natalie's Classes

Hatha Yoga

These classes are focused on helping you reconnect with your body through breath, meditation and intentional movement. We balance the energy centers of the body through correctly aligned postures and slow flows. All the while being aware of the current lunar and seasonal cycles of nature and how this impacts and reflects in our personal lives and practice.

Yin Flow

These classes give you an opportunity to really relax and release deep rooted energy blockages. They are usually low and slow with postures being held for an extended period of time in order to stimulate the fascia and connective tissue of the body where we can store a lot of tension and emotions. Comfortable props such as cushions, blocks, and blankets or towels are always recommended.

Natalie's Schedule

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